Songwriter is a network and competition for young people aged 8-18 who live or go to school in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Songwriter gives young people the opportunity to upload their music, receive feedback from professional songwriters and have their music displayed in a public ‘chart’.

We designed and developed the songwriter website using Wordpress as a base platform for user and content management. We developed our own features that were specific to songwriter such as a custom responsive html5 audio player that plays consistently around the website by pulling the content via ajax. You can read a full guide to how we built the audio player on our blog

The site also required us to build a system where the number of plays a song has are counted and the data is then used to create charts that rank the songs by plays. An admin can also create custom playlists than can be shared on the website.

As a new initiative, Hertfordshire Council required a brand identity and a various forms of print based marketing which would appeal to a young audience. The rings around the logo are intended to give the brand a sense of dynamism and movement, particularly on screen where the logo is constantly beating like a vibrating speaker.