mima has positioned itself nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for exhibiting and collecting modern and contemporary art, garnering national and international acclaim and putting Middlesbrough on the map.

mima has had nearly 1 million visits since it opened on January 27, 2007. This includes over 50,000 people who have engaged in educational events.

As well as revamping the look and feel of their old website, mima specifically required a complete overhaul of the way the old website worked in terms of managing and updating content. We built the new mima website in Wordpress and built several custom features which allowed them to quickly and easily update pages, images, videos & more.

A major feature of the main site was the need to easily update a live calendar with current exhibitions, events and projects. We did this using Wordpress plugins, that meant the process of adding events was simple but we also added the ability to add different types of events using custom taxonomies. The different event types have unique field requirements that directly impact the structure and layout of the event. These event types are also categorized and searchable from the front end.