Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee is in their own words ‘the nation’s favourite coffee shop. They have over 1,700 coffee shops nationwide and almost 3,000 worldwide.

We were approached by a franchisee to help solve a particular problem in their stores. That problem centered around staff rotas and shift management. Working closely with the stores, we produced a web application that enabled the managers of the stores to produce a weekly rota based on intelligent data analysis that can predict daily sales and hence the labour needed to manage sales.

The rota can be emailed out to staff members, who can also use the web application to track their time on any given day. The daily shift data can then be used by managers to produce payroll sheets at the end of the month.

As employees are constantly on the move and not in front of a computer during their daily shift, we naturally had to develop the web application ‘mobile first’, so that staff can quickly and easily clock in, clock out and take breaks with ease.

Because of the nature of the system and the custom features required, we developed a completely bespoke CMS that had multiple levels of access for staff members, store managaers & area managers.